2020 has been, different! Despite everything happening in the world, we are about to enter the last quarter of the year.

The final term in the school year often makes children restless and eager for the holidays, so ensuring that they (and you) get through the final months smoothly is important heading into the holiday season.

Here are five tips that will help you get through the rest of 2020.




Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is vital for giving kids the energy they need to get through the school day without crashing at lunchtime.

The Kids Shake is the perfect breakfast option as it gives them all the vitamins and nutrients needed, whilst taking all the stress out of preparing their breakfast for you!




Have Screen-Free Times

Computers and devices are utilised often with classroom learning, so as soon as they get home from school, kids don’t need to jump straight in front of the TV or phone.

Sports, board games, music and books are other great ways to keep your children occupied, entertained and switched on after school. Just make sure you have screen-free times each day.




Set Up A Work Space

Having separate spaces for work, play and sleep is great to make sure your children’s minds are switched on when they have to do their homework or any extra learning activities.

It can be as simple as a desk and a chair, but it will help them focus on their tasks.


Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 12.01.40 pm


Plan The Night Before

Preparing meals, clothes and school bags the night before gives you a huge headstart on the following day.

It will save you the time and the stress of running around in the morning for everything you need!

And as the saying goes: win the morning, win the day.


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.37.28 am



A good night’s sleep is often overlooked when trying to plan a day.

Sleep is directly linked with kids health, so making sure they are in bed at a reasonable time is essential to starting their next day right.

Read our helpful hints on creating a bedtime routine here.