Sleep is vital for our bodies and brains, and it is essential for children to get an adequate amount of sleep before a day at school.

When kids are tired they often become hyperactive, grumpy, and stubborn! So having a relaxing bedtime routine in place is a great way of getting them eased into bed and ready for the following day. Here are some ideas to make that happen.


Rain shower


Bath or Shower Time

A bath or shower should always kick off the bedtime routine due to its calming effects. It separates the craziness of the day with the night time, and not to mention they more than likely need a good wash!

Putting on some shower tunes is a good option too, but nothing too energetic.


Children in pajamas


Put PJs On

Straight out of the shower and into the PJs! There’s no better way of telling your kids it’s nearly bedtime than putting their pajamas on them.

Wearing the same pajamas to bed will kick your children’s mind into sleep mode, just how wearing a work uniform does for employees.


Healthy Greek yogurt bowl with berry


Bedtime Snack

Going to bed is never smart, and that’s especially important for kids. Stomach pains throughout the night will hamper their chances of a good night’s sleep.

Opt for a protein and carb combo such as greek yoghurt with berries. Just make sure to steer clear of sugar!




Brush Teeth

Hopefully, this is a part of everyone’s bedtime routine! Probably the most significant part of the entire bedtime routine, getting kids to clean their teeth every night (and morning) early on in their lives shows them how vital it is to keep themselves clean!

Like putting PJs on, it also stimulates the brain into recognising it is almost time to go to sleep.


Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 10.03.26 am


Bedtime Story

You may now fall asleep watching the TV, but just like you did when you were a kid, children love falling asleep to a bedtime story. Falling asleep next to their parents takes the stress out of being alone at night and is the perfect end to their bedtime routine.