Make the shake part of your kids morning routine

The thing most people forget to tell you about parenthood is the battleground known as school mornings. If getting them out of bed wasn’t hard enough, you then have to get them showered, dressed, their school bags packed and on top of that, feeding the little monsters!

With so much chaos going on, it’s no wonder breakfast can become a last priority. You can go to school without it, but you can’t leave without a uniform or school bag. The thing is, studies have proven time and time again just how important breakfast really is.

As a parent myself, I more than understand these struggles (especially when my daughters insist on wearing fairy wings to school). Whether it’s a lack of time, lack of motivation or lack of available breakfast foods (especially for those fussy eaters), breakfast time just isn’t easy!

That’s why we made The Kids Shake – it’s a nutritious, delicious and simple breakfast option that your kids will actually love. Plus, it adds a little bit of fun to the madness of school mornings!

Turn breakfast into a dance party! 

Get your kids involved in breakfast by letting them add the powder to the shaker themselves. Then, play some music and encourage them to jump around shaking their shaker to mix it up!

You can even pre-make the shakes and then get them to shake it in the car on the way to school (just make sure the lid is on!).