Fun workouts your kids will love

Jump, run, climb, shake! It’s never too early for your kids to develop a love of fitness and nothing is more valuable than teaching them about a healthy lifestyle right from the get-go.

These fun (and sneaky) exercises will get everyone up and moving, even you!

Playground Workout:

Let’s go to the playground!

The playground isn’t just for playing, it’s also a great place for a little exercise too. Grab a group of friends and set up a mini obstacle course for the kids. Bear crawls, swinging around on the jungle gym, climbing around on the equipment, it will be fun for the whole crew!


Turn down the lights, pump up the music and get moving! Teach your kids all the crazy dance moves you have, and they’ll show you all the moves they’ve learnt too!

It’ll only take about eight songs for you to get your 30 minutes in, so make sure you choose your best bangers to get your heart beat up!


We’re going on a bear walk!

Hiking isn’t just a great way to increase heart rate, but it also helps to decrease anxiety and help you relax. Bond with your kids without the distraction of technology and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful outdoor nature.


Breath in, breath out.

Not only is yoga full of physical benefits like core strength and flexibility, but it also has numerous emotional and cognitive benefits. The best thing about yoga is that you can do it together no matter where you are.

Timed Scavenger Hunt

No kid will ever say no to scavenger hunt. Just like pirates looking for treasure, your kids will love solving clues and searching for their next prize!

But don’t stop there, up the ante! After hiding a list of items inside or outside of the house, have the kids run around collecting the goods before a timer runs out.